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Are You Afraid of the Family Dentist?

Published 09/26/2014
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Whether you have always been afraid of visiting the family dentist or if you have recently developed a fear of checkups, cleanings or any other type of dental procedure, there are a few methods you can use to relax and rid yourself of stress and panic. Knowing how to cope with scheduling and attending a family dentist appointment will keep your mind at ease while also maintaining the ability to remain stress-free the entire time.

Compare Dental Atmospheres

When you feel comfortable and familiar in your dentist’s office, you are less likely to experience any form of fear, stress or anxiety when your appointment arrives. When choosing the dentist office that is right for you, be sure to review photos of the location’s interior or visit each office in person. Choose an office environment that suits you and makes you feel the most comfortable. You can also inquire about the process of the appointment and the procedure so you will know what is going to happen before you get to the appointment. If you are nervous about scheduling a dentist appointment or attending one you already have planned you should speak with the staff at your dentist’s office, as they encounter these types of situations often and know how to set you at ease.

Get Referrals and Read Reviews

Ask your friends and family members if they like their family dentist and if they would recommend their dentist to you. You may feel more comfortable visiting a dentist your loved ones have referred you to as this adds a certain level of trust.

You should also look into online reviews of various family dentist offices and visit their social media sites such as Facebook. Reading reviews of dental offices and specific dentists in the field is a way to gain additional insight into the type of atmospheres you have available near you. Reviewing dentists online prior to scheduling your own appointment is also a way for you to find a professional who specializes in bedside manner and working with those with dental fears.

Helping Children Cope With Going to the Dentist

One of the biggest factors in helping children who want to avoid going to the dentist is to reassure them yourself. Talk to them about their appointment before you go to reenforce the positive benefits of visiting the dentist. If you make visiting the dentist a positive and fun experience experience your child’s nerves will be calm and they will feel comfortable regardless of the purpose of their appointment.

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